Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: Summer 2016
Platforms: Android, iOS
Developer: Roadhouse Interactive
Publisher: Roadhouse Interactive
Genre: Action, RPG


If you came to this page, you will surely love to play mobile games. And it’s very good! In this article we provide you the opportunity to download Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast for Android & iOS for free. This is a very interesting game, created by Roadhouse Interactive in the genre of RPG. More information you can read below.

About This Game:

The game, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, is a free-to-play RPG that casts the player as Eddie, Maiden’s psychotic zombie mascot. The story takes place throughout various moments in the history of both mankind and the band itself, pitting Eddie against a series of characters from Maiden’s artwork and songs and giving him all manner of weapons and powers derived from the band’s music and history (is it simple-minded of me to be really excited for the Killers hatchet?). Derek Riggs’ fin-eared Satan appears to be the final boss. So basically, it’s a video game of every metalhead’s wettest dreams. I mean, look at that fucking artwork.


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