Total War: Warhammer — Call of the Beastmen

Total War: Warhammer — Call of the Beastmen MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: July 28, 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: Creative Assembly
Publisher: Degica
Genre: Action, Strategy


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About This Game:

Call of the Beastmen is going to be Total War: Warhammer’s first Campaign Pack. It’ll bring with it the Beastmen as a new playable race in both the campaign mode and multiplayer, but also a brand new Story Campaign reserved for the them alone, currently titled as «An Eye for an Eye».

As far as their gameplay features are concerned, the Beastmen will be able to use an array of new mechanics, including the ability to travel through overgrown patches of forest in order to outmaneuver and ambush anyone foolish enough to follow them. Specifics are currently in short supply, especially since Call of the Beastmen hasn’t been officially announced just yet, but given their lore I’m fairly confident in saying that the Beastmen will be a highly aggressive, melee-orientated race of nomads, constantly sweeping through the campaign map in an orgy of death and destruction, all in the honor of the Chaos gods.


— New Beastmen Race in the Grand Campaign
— Two New Playable Legendary Lords: Khazrak The One Eye and Malagor The Dark Omen.
— New “An Eye For An Eye” Story Campaign
— Hordes of New Unique Units, Monsters, Heroes, Magic and Game Features.

— Beastmen have access to:
Horde campaign style.
Moon-cycle based unique events.
Lore of the Wild magic.
Spread Chaos Corruption.
Beast Paths travel system.
Ambush / Vanguard focused gameplay.

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