Darwin Project

Darwin Project MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 18 January 2018
Platform: Mac OS
Developer: Scavengers Studio
Publisher: Scavengers Studio
Genre: Action


On this page you can download Darwin Project for Mac OS X! Full version of game Darwin Project (BETA) MAC Download Free.

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About This Game:

Darwin Project takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic landscape in the Northern Canadian Rockies. As preparation for an impending Ice Age, a new project, half science experiment half live-entertainment, is launched. It’s called «Darwin Project» and it challenges 10 participants to survive the cold and fight to the death in a treacherous arena.

Track the position of enemies, by using environmental clues they left behind and be creative with your use of crafted traps to take the upperhand. The biting cold of the Northern Canadian Rockies will also slowly freeze you should you be careless.

The Show Director is the living bridge between the players and spectators. He/She is the host and master who controls the arena with nuclear bombs, zone closures, gravity storms, and the power of their voice. This could be a real tool of self discovery; the start of your new career as a charming but deadly game show host.

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