Farmer’s Life

Farmer’s Life MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: June, 2021
Platform: Mac OS
Developer: FreeMind S.A.
Publisher: PlayWay S.A., FreeMind S.A.
Genre: Simulation


On this page you can download Farmer’s Life (2021) for Mac OS X! Full version of game Farmer’s Life MAC Download Free.

About This Game:

Life of a farmer is filled with stench, filth and hard work. Kashmir is an old bachelor, farmer and an alcoholic…. Help him survive as long as possible in the middle of east-european nowhere. Your life rhythm will be determined by seasons, wildlife will threaten your life and the land will be hard to work with. Your fate is in your hands!

Explore, take care of your farm and manage your resources wisely. Your animals require patient care. Thanks to it the chickens will lay more eggs and cow will give more milk. Well-kept animals work more efficiently.
Mind the seasons! Prepare for constantly changing weather conditions and hard winters. A good farmer is a prepared farmer. Learn new ways of survival. Sow, feed, harvest, slaughter.


— OS: Mac OS X 10.9 or higher