Impostor Factory

Impostor Factory MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 30 Sep, 2021
Platform: Mac OS
Developer: Freebird Games
Publisher: Freebird Games
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG


On this page you can download Impostor Factory (2021) for Mac OS X! Full version of game Impostor Factory MAC Download Free.

About This Game:

Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene have peculiar jobs: They give people another chance to live their lives, all the way from the very beginning.

But this isn’t their story. Probably.

Instead, it’s about Quincy. Let me tell you a story about him.

One day, Quincy was invited to a fancy parteh at a suspiciously secluded mansion. So, he accepted and went; because even though the mansion was suspicious and secluded, it was also fancy and had a parteh.

In fact, it turned out to be so fancy that there was a time machine in its bathroom. Quincy could wash his hands and time-travel while he was at it. Talk about a time-saver!


— OS: OS X 10.6.8+
— Processor: Potato+
— Memory: 1 GB RAM
— Graphics: Radeon HD 2400 or comparable
— Storage: 500 MB available space
— Additional Notes: Extra shiny potato pro.