INMOST MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 21 Aug, 2020
Platform: Mac OS
Developer: Hidden Layer Games
Publisher: Chucklefish
Genre: Adventure, Indie


On this page you can download INMOST (2020) for Mac OS X! Full version of game INMOST MAC Download Free.

About This Game:

INMOST, by Lithuania-based indie studio Hidden Layer Games, is an emotional and deeply atmospheric narrative-driven puzzle platformer. Uncover the story of an adventurous young girl, a stoic knight and a man in search of answers.


— Venture through a hauntingly atmospheric pixel art world
— 3 main characters, each with their own unique gameplay styles
— A knight adventures into the depths of a deteriorating castle. A child uncovers the past of an eerie house. A wanderer searches for answers.
— Lure enemies into lethal traps, solve environmental puzzles and utilise your scythe, hookshot and pickaxe to avoid a gruesome end!
— Discover a 3-5 hour emotional story, intended to be played in a single-sitting on a dark, stormy night
— Explore every nook and cranny to find secret passages and collectibles
— Featuring the vocal talents of Andrew Dennis and Cassandra Lee Morris
— Playable in 14 languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese
— Each pixel is placed with love!


— OS: OS X 10
— Memory: 512 MB RAM
— Graphics: Radeon hd 5670 or higher
— Storage: 1 GB available space