Arkshot MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: May 19, 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Code Avarice
Publisher: Digerati Distribution
Genre: Action


On this page you can find out all the information about a game called Arkshot. For example, the date of release, description of this game and more. This project was created in the genre of Action, so if you like similar games, you can use site search and find other games of this genre. But if you want to download Arkshot for PC & Mac for free, we have to disappoint you. We respect the interests of developers and not distribute pirated copies of the game.

About This Game:

Arkshot is a multiplayer FPS that seeks to bring back the classic FPS action of Unreal Tournament, Quake, and Halo that kept us awake for so many late night grudge matches as kids. It’s a tightly designed, high skill, fast paced game that’s just as fun with 3 of your closest friends as it is against strangers.

Armed with just a simple bow and arrow you can challenge up to 3 of your friends on 14 unique maps, with 5 distinct game modes to choose from. Grab powerups to gain a dominant advantage over the competition then manage your physical effort and stamina levels whilst striving to become the master of the skillful arc shot. Then stamp your personality onto the action by customizing your hooded character with unlockable fright masks, numerous bow variants and deeply sardonic taunts to create a foe your opponents will grow to loathe.


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