Bacon Rebellion

Bacon Rebellion MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Nauris Amatnieks
Publisher: Nauris Amatnieks
Genre: Action


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About This Game:

Bacon Rebellion is a fast, fun and frantic top down shooter that sees you fending off hordes of bloodthirsty pigs with all manner of deadly weaponry, from flamethrowers to Worms-style exploding sheep!

You play lonely shepherd who’s pasture has been invaded by thousands of crazed pigs, you’re not going down without a fight though – you’ll have 12 weapons, 18 perks and 8 power-ups to aid your plight. As you shoot, stab, burn and blow up pigs you’ll earn XP, level up, choose from a selection of perks and play with a nice selection of deadly firepower. It’s a fun game that plays like an endless horde mode roguelike, with you tooling up with various stackable perks as you attempt to squash the bacon rebellion.


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