Four Realms

Four Realms MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: June 10, 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: Hugebot!
Publisher: Hugebot!
Genre: Adventure, Strategy, RPG


About This Game:

Four Realms is an action strategy RPG in an animal filled fantasy world. Level up your Warden, customize your Spell List, and raise an army to stop the Wild Magic.

Four Realms is focused on creative gameplay. There is no singular solution to any problem and players must utilize what they bring and what they find in the mission. Taking inspiration from FTL: Faster Than Light, Magic: the Gathering, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and King Arthur’s Word; Four Realms is targeting gamers that want a new challenge.


— Customization: Personal spell lists in the spirit of collectible card games.
— Action: A grand adventure with combat, puzzles, and platforming.
— Diversity: A large selection of unique playable characters and diverse spells.
— Replayablility: Semi-randomly generated world with rogue-lite qualities.
— Personalization: Equipment to tailor-make unique Guardians.
— Story: Unique missions and events that create a individual narrative.


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  • Hugebot!

    Hey Del the Developer here,
    This is not a supported distributor of the game and illegal. Also, the game isn’t on Mac, so this may likely be malware. I’m a small garage developer that as of yet hasn’t even made money from the game and makes less than a living wage in my area. Please consider supporting the game and buying it on Steam:
    If you want to try the game there is a demo available: