Kings and Heroes

Kings and Heroes MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: June 1, 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: Industry Games
Publisher: Industry Games
Genre: Action, RPG


You like to play new computer games? Sure, why not! In recent years was released a lot of different interesting games. For example, today we look at a game called Kings and Heroes, created in the genre of RPG. Below you can read a brief description and see screenshots of this project. If you want to download Kings and Heroes for PC & Mac for free, please note that our site is purely informational, so we do not distribute unlicensed software.

About This Game:

Kings and Heroes is a first person action fantasy RPG exploring a rich fantasy world and conquer challenging dungeons by yourself or with up to 7 other people. Lately, Industry Games, the developer behind this game, announced the delay of official release to May 31st. During the grace period, developers will have enough time to improve these areas and provide a better experience.

The game features a seamless open world, procedurally generated dungeons, and persistent content, all managed on dedicated servers. There are 6 different playable races including Orc, Goblin, Human, Dwarf, Elf, or Halfling. The current early access version is tested and optimized to be playable on the min spec system and play well on the recommended. During early access we will improve the overall performance, but our main focus will be debugging and optimizing all game systems. We are looking forward to feedback and will make decisions on gameplay aspects based on the feedback from the community. These aspects include difficulty, leveling, items, and group play.


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