Last Life

Last Life MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Rocket Science Amusements
Publisher: Double Fine Productions
Genre: Adventure


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About This Game:

Last Life is a kind of sci-fi noir adventure game which has the player investigating their own murder on a colony on Mars. The game will deliver an epic story, and the developers are so far interesting in raising the necessary funds to create Episode One. The game is inspired by modern point and click adventures such as Telltale’s Walking Dead series or Kentucky Route Zero. Last Life will focus on atmosphere and storytelling, while also challenging the player’s detective skills of interrogation and deduction.

Eleven years after Earth was destroyed, the detective Jack Parker was killed on the transhumanist colony of MarsTopia on Mars. Luckily for him, the Dead Man’s Party holiday is just around the corner, when all the dead people get revived into a 3D printed body for one day to enjoy a gala. Of course, being the detective he is, Parker escapes and goes on a crazy adventure to find his killer, while at the same time maybe finding out what triggered Earth’s demise.


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