LASTFIGHT MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: May 19, 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Piranaking
Publisher: Piranaking
Genre: Fighting


You like to play new computer games? Sure, why not! In recent years was released a lot of different interesting games. For example, today we look at a game called LASTFIGHT, created in the genre of Fighting. Below you can read a brief description and see screenshots of this project. If you want to download LASTFIGHT for PC & Mac for free, please note that our site is purely informational, so we do not distribute unlicensed software.

About This Game:

LastFight is a multiplayer fighting game in the vein of the classic party brawler Power Stone, and it’s based on the iconic French comic series Last Man (The Stranger) by Bastien Vivès.

The game takes its inspiraton from the award-winning LASTMAN comic, whose creator and ‘versus fighting fanatic’ Bastien Vivès is very proud to see make its way into an energetic teaser trailer. LASTMAN tells the story of the hard working Adrian Velba, who finally gets the chance to participate in the annual fighting tournament sponsored by King Virgil and Queen Efira. Unfortunately, just a few hours before the tournament kicks off, Adrian’s partner Vlad withdraws due to illness, leaving Adrian without a means of entry.


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