Lethe — Episode One

Lethe — Episode One MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: KoukouStudios
Publisher: Faber Interactive
Genre: Adventure, Horror


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About This Game:

Strip away the Amnesia-esque monsters lurking about claustrophobic corridors and Koukou Studios’ upcoming episodic first-person horror game Lethe gives the impression that it’s more of a superhero origin story than the premise of a survival horror game. Even its lead character, a middling journalist with a mysterious past named Robert Dawn, has the name of a guy I suspect might spend his weeknights fighting crime.

You are playing as Robert Dawn, an everyday journalist searching for clues about a disaster on an isolated island. After coming in contact with an unknown substance, Robert mysteriously develops psychokinetic abilities, but not without a cost. These abilities feed on Robert’s life energy and in order to stay alive he has to consume the very same substance that is poisoning him in the first place. Soon though, that becomes the least of his problems as he discovers that he’s not alone on the island…


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