Lil Big Invasion

Lil Big Invasion MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: July, 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: Andreas Britten
Publisher: Andreas Britten
Genre: Action, Adventure


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About This Game:

Lil Big Invasion is a platform puzzler which released by Andreas Britten. In this game, you are a trained rescuer to protect littlegreen flies from getting lost in caves.

Players need to retrieve them, of which areover 400, spread out over forty different levels across five different worldsthat each have a boss to defeat. Now you have to remember your rescue trainingand save these poor little flies. But don’t forget: You need to find and leadthem to an exit.

They are highly attracted to light so make sure to rechargeyour illuminant in time. Every cave is unique and holds its own puzzles. Plantsand creatures living in these caves can either hinder or help you with yourtask. And watch out. You will have to face some bosses, too. And pleasehurry… the caves close down if you dally!


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