Meridian: Squad 22

Meridian: Squad 22 MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: May 31, 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Elder Games
Publisher: Merge Games
Genre: Action, Strategy


You like to play new computer games? Sure, why not! In recent years was released a lot of different interesting games. For example, today we look at a game called Meridian: Squad 22, created in the genre of Strategy. Below you can read a brief description and see screenshots of this project. If you want to download Meridian: Squad 22 for PC & Mac for free, please note that our site is purely informational, so we do not distribute unlicensed software.

About This Game:

RTS Meridian: New World is getting a sequel this May called Meridian: Squad 22. It’s launching as an Early Access title, and will put you in command of a squad sent to the planet Meridian to rescue a missing colonist crew, who I’m guessing are the folks from the first game.

It’s solid sci-fi fare: Earth’s first batch of colonists have gone missing, so an elite group of soldiers are dispatched to find out what’s going on. This being an RTS, I’m doubtful that the colonists have made peaceful first contact. Even in its early stage, Squad 22 sounds like a considerable improvement over its predecessor. You can zoom and rotate for one thing. More impressively, models and textures are brand new, pathfinding ought to have been improved no end, with units now accelerating and decelerating based on their proximity to others, and naval combat has been introduced.


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