Mother Russia Bleeds

Mother Russia Bleeds MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Le Cartel
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Genre: Action


On this page you can find out all the information about a game called Mother Russia Bleeds. For example, the date of release, description of this game and more. This project was created in the genre of Action, so if you like similar games, you can use site search and find other games of this genre. But if you want to download Mother Russia Bleeds for PC & Mac for free, we have to disappoint you. We respect the interests of developers and not distribute pirated copies of the game.

About This Game:

Mother Russia Bleeds is a co-op brawler that’s overflowing with style and brutal action. Battle solo or alongside friends locally and online as a crew of fighters who must overcome an oppressive authority in an alternate USSR. At first, Mother Russia Bleeds is merely something familiar, thanks to a pretty standard set of controls. You can jump, perform attacks, charge up the attacks for greater power, and you can knock back foes to get some breathing room. You also have a dash that can be used evasively or to enhance your attacks, and you can grab and throw enemies.

The plot wasn’t readily apparent, but it’s important to realize that everyone in the game world is psychotically high on some sort of drug. This drug is the common thread that ties together all of the gameplay. You have a full syringe that offers three uses, and they can be used to heal yourself or enter a psychotic rage where you move faster and your grab instantly kills the enemy. The drug is both your power and your lifeline.


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