Naval Action

Naval Action MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: January 21, 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Game-Labs
Publisher: Game-Labs
Genre: Action, Simulation, Strategy


Now there are many new games. And to be honest, many of them of poor quality and to pay for questionable content is not desirable. Therefore, we offer you to download Naval Action on PC & Mac for free! You can try to play this game and decide the game is worth their money or not. To download the game to your computer, click on the link at the bottom of the page. Please note that link will be available soon after release.

About This Game:

Naval Action is a naval warfare game set in the Carribean at the time the British, Spanish, French and a few others were vieing for colonies and treasure. It’s set in the time of the Master and Commander movie, and yes you can become Master and Commander of HMS Surprise, sneak around in the fog and blow up French ships. You command a ship, sail around the Carribean and do heaps of cool stuff.

The world of Naval Action is massive and has been recreated based upon 18th century maps, historical harbors, and town names and you will have to explore just like those from the past did. Your primary means of navigation will be the positioning of the sun and your compass, but landmarks will also help you figure out your position.

Your beautiful ships will be able to sail in the waters of pure physics where yard angles, ship angles to wind, fittings, ship conditions, and much more are taken into consideration when determining your ship’s current performance.


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