Near Death

Near Death MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Orthogonal Games
Publisher: Orthogonal Games
Genre: Horror, Survival, Action


You like to play new computer games? Sure, why not! In recent years was released a lot of different interesting games. For example, today we look at a game called Near Death, created in the genre of Horror. Below you can read a brief description and see screenshots of this project. If you want to download Near Death for PC & Mac for free, please note that our site is purely informational, so we do not distribute unlicensed software.

About This Game:

Near Death is a first person survival video game that takes places on an abandoned research facility in Antarctica. During an emergency winter flight your plane crashes near the facility in the midst of a deadly blizzard. Cut off from civilization, with no hope of rescue, you must explore Sutro Station and scavenge for the means of escape while enduring blinding whiteouts and temperatures 100 degrees below zero. You’ll discover why a research station in the coldest place on Earth stands empty, yet somehow alive.

For the making of the game, the developers actually interviewed real Antarctic scientists and travelers to understand the intrinsic instincts of survival in one of the coldest places on Earth. It was here that after realizing how survival games didn’t capture the full grip and awe of how fast the environment can change in this deadly cold place, the developers chose to abandon the survival genre and create something that is a simple fact of fighting for your life to survive.


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