Neighborhorde MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: Summer 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Fermenter Games
Publisher: Fermenter Games
Genre: Action


Welcome to our game portal! Today we provide you the opportunity to download Neighborhorde for free and without registration! This is a very interesting game in the genre of Action. To start playing, you only need to download the game from the link below and install it on your computer. If no link, then the game is not out and we will add the ability to download soon after release. Visit this page later.

About This Game:

Neighborhorde is a chaos-infused, cell-shaded cooperative game set in a suburban neighborhood. Strange, purple portals are spawning in every direction as hordes of robots, wizards and dragons emerge, causing terror to people’s homes. Each character is given a series of strange weapons (which are randomized) including something resembling a Super Soaker, and a guitar that fires geometric lines from its head. Players are required to fend off these monsters, which take various forms such as a deer, a man with a television for a head, or a platypus-like creature.

Neighborhorde supports 1-4 player co-op, with TV-headed bots available to fill empty slots in the party. The game features over 70 weapons and superpowers, dozens of enemies and bosses, and a 90s’ inspired soundtrack. Each game alternates between day and night cycles, allowing players to get new power ups and train their skills before facing off against new enemies. Each night gets progressively harder, so players must test themselves to see how far they can go.


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