Order of Battle: Winter War

Order of Battle: Winter War MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: July 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: The Artistocrats
Publisher: The Artistocrats
Genre: Strategy


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About This Game:

Order of Battle: Winter War is a new hexagonal strategy game that follows the brave defence of the Finnish Army against the vast Red Army that seeks a quick victory. In a brand new campaign that includes 14 scenarios, players will command the inflexible and stubborn Finnish soldiers that fight for their homes and families in an inhospitable environment. The game brings new units and a completely new climate and terrain: winter, with its snow, impacts the movement of soldiers and the frozen lakes can be crossed by ground units but cannot be entrenched.

Winter War promises new challenges and scenarios that should keep returning players busy, as well, like making use of frozen lakes and open snow areas to manoeuvre their troops into surrounding the enemy and cutting it up into smaller, bite-sized pieces. That’s the Motti tactic, made infamous by this war.


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