Paragon MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Epic Games
Genre: Action, MOBA


If you want to download Paragon on PC & Mac for free, welcome to our website! In this article you can find the full version of this game that belongs to the genre of MOBA. All games on our website are available for download via torrent shortly after the official release of the game. Anyway, below you can read description and see the screenshots of this project.

About This Game:

Paragon is a third-person action-oriented MOBA developed by Epic Games (creators of Unreal Tournament and Gears of War) for the PlayStation 4 and PC. It has been in beta for some time now, granting access to batches of those who signed up on Epic’s website.

In a match, 10 players are divided into two teams. The player assumes control of a «hero». Each hero has their own major attack and possesses five sets of ability, with one of them being the ultimate ability. Different heroes have different skills and weapons. For instance, Grux, an offensive character, has the ability to smash enemies, while Muriel, a defensive character, can aid her allies with a shield. Both teams have minions, which slowly march towards their opponents’ bases and support the heroes.


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