Push For Emor

Push For Emor MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: Summer 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Lupus Solus Studio
Publisher: Lupus Solus Studio
Genre: Action, RPG


If you want to download Push For Emor on PC & Mac for free, welcome to our website! In this article you can find the full version of this game that belongs to the genre of Action. All games on our website are available for download via torrent shortly after the official release of the game. Anyway, below you can read description and see the screenshots of this project.

About This Game:

Push For Emor is a Sci-fi first person shooter RPG created by developers LupusSolus. If you like adventure and multiple missions set in incredible VR environments then this is a game for you. Currently available for the Rift DK2 you can now play the Alpha version of the game and get a real engaging feel on what its all about.

In a nut-shell the story is based in a fantasy galaxy where the Emorian Empire (like any other villainous empire) is expanding its territories and its your role as part of a rebellion group (Justicar) to stem this tide of evilness. Overall there are 11 planets to explore, locate your fellow Justicar rebels and liberate the planet … until you reach the final planet, planet Emor. As its in Alpha stage, Push for Emor, is still in development. However LupusSolus has released a lot of information on what you can expect.


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