ReCore MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: September 16, 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac, Xbox One
Developer: Comcept, Armature Studio
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Genre: Action


If you want to download ReCore on PC & Mac for free, welcome to our website! In this article you can find the full version of this game that belongs to the genre of Action. All games on our website are available for download via torrent shortly after the official release of the game. Anyway, below you can read description and see the screenshots of this project.

About This Game:

ReCore is a fast and fluid third-person shooter that focuses on varying attacks and outmaneuvering enemies. ReCore takes place on of Far Eden, a far-off planet being terraformed to prepare for human habitation.

The game’s main character, Joule, works for the company tasked with re-engineering the planet’s atmosphere. At the beginning of ReCore, Joule has awoken to begin the start of her shift, only to find something has gone horribly wrong. The company’s security systems and robotic population have become hostile, and Joule vows to discover the reason.

Joule’s gun can fire four different colored bullets: Red, Blue, Yellow, and White. Each enemy type is paired with one of these four colors, and using the same colored bullets on those enemies will kill them faster.


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