RPG Tycoon

RPG Tycoon MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: February 12, 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: Skatanic Studios
Publisher: GSProductions Ltd.
Genre: RPG, Simulation


Welcome to our game portal MacGamesPC.com! On this page you can download RPG Tycoon for PC free via torrent! This is a very interesting game developed in the genre of RPG. All games on our website are available for download without registration. But please note that links will only be available after the official release of the game.

About This Game:

RPG Tycoon is a game where you are the world builder, who designs virtual worlds in a role playing game. Instead of guests, or NPC’s, there are “players”. These players play yourgame, and try to beat it. As the players play your RPG, they become more skilled, stronger, and harder to stop. Their ultimate goal is to beat the final boss, you. In order prevail, as the god of role playing games, your goal is to create a wall of defense, against the players. Another way to phrase this would be to create more gameplay.

During the game, you acquire player essence, instead of gold. Essence can be spent on upgrades, enemies, scripts, terraforming capabilities, level editing and other sorts of RPG mechanics. Be careful, players may be able to “hack” into your databases in order to create custom upgrades and consumables for themselves. Since this is an RPG designing game, there will be many other factors regarding mechanics. Scripting, custom levels, and environments will provide other opportunities for additional mechanics. Also, preset mechanics can be used for starters. Programming this game may be a nightmare, but this is just an idea.


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