Tanzia MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: Summer 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: Arcanity Inc.
Publisher: Arcanity Inc.
Genre: Adventure, RPG


You like to play new computer games? Sure, why not! In recent years was released a lot of different interesting games. For example, today we look at a game called Tanzia, created in the genre of RPG. Below you can read a brief description and see screenshots of this project. If you want to download Tanzia for PC & Mac for free, please note that our site is purely informational, so we do not distribute unlicensed software.

About This Game:

“Tanzia” is a single player action adventure RPG with a look very similar to MMORPGs. Players control a young shaman of the Akazi people as he investigates the mysterious circumstances of his grandfather’s disappearance. Fusing gameplay mechanics of classic RPG’s with an open 3D world environment, Arcanity hopes to provide an immersive storytelling experience. Spell combinations in conjunction with opponent’s weaknesses will be necessary to resolve combat situations.

The setting is certainly unique for a fantasy RPG. The main characters of the game are of a race called the Akazi. They live on a chain of islands called “Tanzia.” I’m also focused on how the game makes you feel. When I finish a game, book, movie, or whatever, I want to feel sad that it’s over. That seems unique in this age of casual games and micro-transactions.


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