Tech Executive Tycoon

Tech Executive Tycoon MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: WEB Gaming Entertainment
Publisher: WEB Gaming Entertainment
Genre: Simulation, Strategy


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About This Game:

Tech Executive Tycoon places you in the seat of the CEO of your very own entertainment technology company. As the CEO you will have the power to make all of the decisions that will either make or break your company. The competition is fierce and to make it to the top, you must be strategic in product development, marketing and so much more. Do you want to be the next big Tech Tycoon, or the bottom feeders of the technology world? Compete with 20+ different technology giants to see if you can dominate the industry, whether it be gaming consoles, central processing units, personal computers or other options.


— Create many products, from gaming consoles, central processing units, graphics processing units, videos games, and personal computers.
— Create games and software for other companies and consumers to use
— Your marketing team can use different avenues and methods to reach your target audience, helping you improve sales and become a household name.
— Each department can be led by a high ranking executive of your choosing which will enhance your opportunity at success, though their desired salaries do come in extra-large sizes.
— You can expand into multiple offices designating them for different purposes that serve your goals to the max.
— Hire staff to run those locations according to your directives


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