Through the Woods

Through the Woods MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: Q3 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Antagonist
Publisher: Antagonist
Genre: Horror, Adventure


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About This Game:

Through the Woods is a third-person horror game by Norwegian developer Antagonist, and it made me scream in front of a crowd of people. Through the Woods, you play as a woman whose son has been kidnapped by Old Erik. Old Erik, the woman explains in a voiceover, is basically the bogeyman—a creature in a story used to frighten children. Before Karen’s son was taken, she didn’t think Old Erik existed. The player comes in as she’s exploring a forested island in the middle of the night, looking for her son. As you explore, she continues to explain what happened in a voiceover to another person, who sounds like either her therapist or a police detective.

Your greatest tool in Through the Woods is your flashlight. With it you can illuminate the darkness and see clues to where your son is, and where the monsters are lurking. However, when your flashlight is on they can see you too. The interesting facet Antagonist studio is implementing is that when your flashlight is turned off, the volume of the area around you goes up so that you can hear what is happening better. The question becomes, do you use your flashlight and have a chance to see what is around you but attract monsters, or do you stumble around in the darkness and trust your ears to help you navigate?


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