Valcarta: Rise of the Demon

Valcarta: Rise of the Demon MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: July, 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Blacksword Games
Publisher: Blacksword Games
Genre: RPG


Welcome to our gaming portal! On this page you can download Valcarta: Rise of the Demon on PC and Mac. Full version of this game available to download for free and without registration. This is a very interesting game created in the genre of RPG. If you like this genre, we recommend you to try this project. Please note that the links will be available shortly after the game’s release.

About This Game:

Valcarta I: Rise of the Demon is a 2D RPG created for the PC by Blacksword Games. The game was created using RPG Maker VX. This game is the first chapter of a ‘storyline’ game series that spans 3 chapters titled: Valcarta. The Valcarta series will be built on a premise of heavy storytelling in a multi-path fashion. The Valcarta Series has its story told by two separate vantage points; one from Valak walking the Path of Darkness and one from Valak walking the Path of Light. Both vantage points take place along the exact same place in time and space, but naturally Valak encounters different allies, learns new abilities, encounters different enemies and overall has an entirely different experience.

The Valcarta series is bringing a different approach to the traditional ‘split-path’ game. The player character, Valak, is forced to make a choice near the beginning of the game, which drastically changes how the rest of it will play. Neither point of view is really viewed as ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ whilst playing, and the player doesn’t feel like they are doing and true ‘wrong’ within the game.


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