Void Destroyer 2

Void Destroyer 2 MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: Q2 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: Iteration 11
Publisher: Iteration 11
Genre: Sandbox


On this page you can find out all the information about a game called Void Destroyer 2. For example, the date of release, description of this game and more. This project was created in the genre of Sandbox, so if you like similar games, you can use site search and find other games of this genre. But if you want to download Void Destroyer 2 for PC & Mac for free, we have to disappoint you. We respect the interests of developers and not distribute pirated copies of the game.

About This Game:

Void Destroyer, which was a sort of an homage to Homeworld 1 & 2, had some extremely engaging and challenging missions. Taking control of individual ships in your fleet seems like a gimmick, but it often needed to reduce casualties and outflank enemies. Void Destroyer 2 takes a bit of a different approach. Instead of being satisfied with producing another «Homeworld, but different» sequel, he has added an entirely new spin to gameplay. Instead of just being a military commander leading your forces, you are a freelancer who is trying to build an empire.

As your wealth grows you’ll upgrade your ship, then purchase new ones. Eventually being able to build up a fleet of combat and non-combat ships. What’s a fleet without a way to tell them what to do? Void Destroyer 2 has a built in real time strategy (RTS) control method optimized for controlling multiple ships and fleets.


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