Zulu Response

Zulu Response MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Web Interactive Solutions
Publisher: Web Interactive Solutions
Genre: Strategy


Welcome to our game portal MacGamesPC.com! Today we provide you the opportunity to download Zulu Response for free and without registration! This is a very interesting game in the genre of Strategy. To start playing, you only need to download the game from the link below and install it on your computer. If no link, then the game is not out and we will add the ability to download soon after release. Visit this page later.

About This Game:

Zulu Response is a tactical first person shooter PC game that is set in the 1879 African Zulu wars. Play as a British soldier in single player or in 8 person multiplayer (4 verse 4) as a Zulu warrior or British soldier. When playing as a Zulu, each player has up to 11 additional warriors and 120 reserves that they command around the battlefield. Each British player has 6 additional soldiers and 10 reserves that they command.

The gameplay varies between maps as each map is based off a true story from the 1879 war:

— Fight as a British soldier as you defend Rorkes Drift or as an attacking Zulu as you seek to capture the compound
— Fight at Isandlwana where the British survivors attempt an escape to Fugitives Drift whilst being hunted by the Zulu
— Engage in a British rear guard action at Hlobane where you must escape the advance of the Zulu or hunt the British down whilst playing as a Zulu
— Fight at Isandlwana where as a British soldier you must help Lt. Melville to escape with the Regimental Colour (flag) of the 24th or play as a Zulu where you try to kill Melville or capture the Regimental Colour.


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