Beacon MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Monothetic
Publisher: Monothetic
Genre: Action


On this page you can download Beacon on PC for free via torrent. Also here you can find all basic information about this game, including a brief description, release date, screenshots, and etc. This game was created in the genre of Action. If you like this genre, we highly recommend you to try this new game.

About This Game:

Beacon is a top down shooter, with camera angles similar to those in «Helldivers» and «Diablo.» The graphics look gorgeous, with stylized alien worlds and creatures. The character design is great, with an interesting protagonist and engaging story. Unlike similar titles from the same genre, in Beacon, respawning actually gives players certain powers and augmentations, based on enemies they have killed.

The premise of the game is simple and familiar, yet unique in its own way. Freja emerges from a pod, after her ship crashes on a planet. It is then revealed that the pilot has died, and a sign that reads “initiating cloning bay,” suggests that the player is a clone. The cloning feature is an interesting twist on the player’s death and respawning, which brings us to the most interesting aspect of the game.


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