Bus Tycoon ND

Bus Tycoon ND MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: September 23, 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: FrameLineNetwork
Publisher: FrameLineNetwork
Genre: Simulation, Strategy


On this page you can download Bus Tycoon ND torrent for PC. Also here you can find all information about this game, including a brief description, release date, screenshots, etc. Link to .torrent file will be available soon after game’s release.

About This Game:

Bus Tycoon ND this unique tycoon game in which you can become the head of the bus company. Create your own bus Empire and control all the routes in town! In this game you can control bus Corporation, to organize new routes, purchase new models of buses, build bus stations and make a profit, of course!

The main feature of this game is that the game supports a day/night cycle. This means that you can arrange the activities of your company around the clock! However, you should know that this game is not so simple. As you expand your bus fleet problems. For example, you need to constantly provide your transport with fuel, carry out maintenance and so on. You can also monitor the condition of roads and the need to repair them, to reduce the chance of breakage buses.

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