Corinne Cross’s Dead & Breakfast

Corinne Cross’s Dead & Breakfast MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: August 19, 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: Bad Chalk
Publisher: Bad Chalk
Genre: Adventure


On this page you can download Corinne Cross’s Dead & Breakfast on PC for free via torrent. Also here you can find all basic information about this game, including a brief description, release date, screenshots, and etc. This game was created in the genre of Adventure. If you like this genre, we highly recommend you to try this new game.

About This Game:

With no plans lined up after graduating, Corinne agrees to do a favor and look after a hospitalized acquaintance’s home… a home that turns out to be a ghost-infested bed & breakfast! Her peaceful week of housesitting becomes seven days of madness as she finds herself surrounded by a variety of eccentric ghosts with entirely different demands…

— Cooking! Create tasty breakfast dishes in the kitchen. Can you find all 10 recipes?
— Gardening! Raise a garden by tending to the B&B’s potted plants. Sell the flowers you’ve grown for money!
— New Game+! Beat the game once to unlock a harder version of the game with alternate dialogue, bonus scenes, extra content, and a few… secrets…
— Ghosts! Get to know the B&B’s otherwordly guests. Choose what you say carefully! There are multiple endings based on your decisions.


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