Gladiator School

Gladiator School MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: December 9, 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: Raptor Claw Games
Publisher: 501 Industries
Genre: Strategy, Indie, Management


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About This Game:

Gladiator School (2016) is a new interesting indie game combines elements of strategy and management, developed by Raptor Claw Games for PC. The game is scheduled to be released on December 9, 2016. Soon after release, you can download Gladiator School torrent on this page! To do this, click on the link at the bottom of the page. In addition, you can see a brief information about the game, including description and screenshots.

Key Features:

— Hire workers, guards, medicus and instructors to improve your school.
— Gladiator management sim with RPG and tycoon elements.
— Gain reputation and compete with other lanista houses from all over the world.
— Build and manage your own school for gladiators.
— Trade food, slaves, weapons and armor at the marketplace.
— Manage your gladiators mood, needs, practice schedule and treat their wounds.
— Buy or capture slaves to train them as fighters for spectacles in the arena.

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