Nether: Resurrected

Nether: Resurrected MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: Phosphor Games Studio
Publisher: Nether Productions
Genre: Action


Welcome to our website! On this page you can find all information about the game Nether: Resurrected, including a brief description, release date, screenshots, and so on. Download this game you will be able soon after the official release.

About This Game:

Nether: Resurrected is a MMO shooter in a post-apocalyptic world. The ruined city crawling with dangerous mutants and other terrible creatures that will try to kill you. But other survivors for you, too, will be enemies, because many of them want to kill you, hunting for easy prey. Hunger and thirst make you again and again to leave shelter and go out to dangerous streets of the city, which is teeming with enemies.

Resurrected version has a lot of different innovations. For Example, The Single Player Mode. Now you can explore the game alone and not be afraid that you will mesati other players. They also cleaned ingame monetization, now all the things in the game you can buy in-game currency. Any player can create your server and configure it as he wants.


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