RISE: Race The Future

RISE: Race The Future MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: VD-DEV
Publisher: VD-DEV
Genre: Racing


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About This Game:

RISE: Race the Future is a futuristic racing game about cars “powered by air lifting technology,” which may mean that the cars can race on all kinds of surfaces, even water. According to Nintendo Life, the game is inspired by the Sega Rally series, with the car designed by Automotive designer Anthony Jannarelly. The game’s website also promises an “epic story” which will tell the secrets behind air lifting technology. While many people don’t expect a story in a racing game, it’s always nice to have some kind of campaign.

The racing style is arcade oriented and based on mastering extreme drifts. One of the clear inspiration is Sega Rally. In addition to the arcade mode, a history mode will allow the player to unlock the futuristic cars exclusively designed for the game. Throughout the progression the enigmatic sci-fi scenario will also reveal the real purpose of RISE: Race The Future.


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