Stars in Shadow

Stars in Shadow MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: September 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: Ashdar Games
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Genre: Strategy


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About This Game:

Since the end of the Great War, the galaxy has been quiet. For three thousand years primitive species have had time to grow, to learn, and to look to the stars. There they will find the smoldering embers of that long-ago war, alien civilizations and ancient technology. These discoveries could bring destruction, or they might provide the means to survive the greater challenges ahead.

Stars in Shadow puts you in command of one of seven distinct spacefaring civilizations. Explore the galaxy, rediscover and colonize distant worlds, and build an interstellar empire. Invest wisely in your military — for this is a dangerous galaxy. Another great war is inevitable, and your people will need strength to earn their place among the stars.

As you explore the galaxy, a range of different planet types awaits your discovery. Some will be ripe for colonization; others may contain valuable mineral resources. The most prized worlds are those that hold secrets from the past — artifacts from civilizations that vanished long ago. Research advanced technologies to enable your people to survive on dangerous worlds, or to terraform alien environments to suit your needs.


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