The Ember Series: A New Fire

The Ember Series: A New Fire MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: August 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: Forthright Entertainment
Publisher: Forthright Entertainment
Genre: RPG


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About This Game:

The Ember Series: A New Fire is an exciting RPG. The story will follow five friends as they get magically teleported to a world they could never have imagined. The Order is a powerful force that permeates the land of Mörja. For over 3,300 years The Order has existed, making sure the people of Mörja find inner peace and spiritual needs met, however, The Order teaches that there are no gods. When one of the five friends, Derek, is teleported to Mörja, his remaining four friends, Sophie, Jason, Jerome, and Alex, inadvertently end up following him. On their journey to find their friend, they uncover a conspiracy that will shake the foundations of Mörja.

The Ember Series: A New Fire includes the following features:

— An Epic 50 hour main story line with over 100 hours of side story and quests.
— A tent system to rest and heal on the Overworld Map
— A detailed world filled with history and interesting people
— Custom character art


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