Salt and Sanctuary Walkthrough

Salt and Sanctuary Walkthrough MAC Download Free (MacBook)

Release Date: May 17, 2016
Platforms: PC
Developer: Ska Studios
Publisher: Ska Studios
Genre: RPG


If you came to this page, you probably want to watch the full Salt and Sanctuary walkthrough. Well, you can do it right here! Very often there are moments when it is unclear what to do in the game. So if you want to simplify your game and to save time, you can just see it walkthrough. Also it will help you to find the secrets and perhaps even some Easter eggs. Below is a playlist. Click on it to begin watching right from the first part.

Brief information about this game:

Salt and Sanctuary is a stylistic, brutal action RPG platformer that’s teeming with visceral, satisfying combat, deep, diverse character builds, and some of the most incredible bosses we’ve ever made.

To say the game is inspired by Dark Souls is a bit of an understatement: it’s more a direct tribute. The setting is heavily reminiscent of Souls, as is the methodical approach to combat. The game features more than 600 weapons in an interconnected world dotted with very difficult bosses, and despite the slightly whimsical character art, the game is as relentlessly bleak as From Software’s games.